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IB Diploma Programme (DP)

The IB Diploma Programme (DP), which is offered to students between the ages of 16 and 19 equips them to effectively participate in a society that is rapidly changing and becoming more global as they grow in terms of their physical, mental, emotional, and ethical development.

The curriculum broadens their knowledge and comprehension through courses from six subject groups. At the same time, they acquire the abilities and a constructive learning mindset that will position them for higher education. We celebrate all cultures, modelling a celebration of different backgrounds and learning about the world, this will essentially promote empathy and equality in their everyday lives.

The students draw connections and parallels from several academic disciplines and, through the program’s distinctive Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course. They further conduct an in-depth study into a topic of interest using one or more academic disciplines for their Extended Essay (EE).  Students gain an awareness of their potential, essential skills and knowledge, and the ability to take socially responsible actions through this process. We support the overall development of children as the program provides the capacity for self-expression and interpersonal development through the CAS model – creativity, action, and service.