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Lunch is the most essential meal of the day, and at Ela Green, we ensure that our lunch is delicious and nutritious, promoting physical and mental well-being and minimising the risk of any illnesses. Our cook prepares the food with care and hygiene, following a well-balanced vegetarian diet.

The cafeteria at Ela Green School includes food choices that reflect diverse cultures. We serve a blend of both South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Our diet plan and serving proportions are based on the age, the digestive capacity of the children, food allergies or intolerance, climate, etc.

The menu is carefully curated every week after discussions and the consent of the head of the school. Our range of lunch menus, prepared in a sanitised kitchen, includes vegetable stuffed paratha, veg meals, variety rice, fruits, sweets etc. Sweets are prepared with fruit and other healthy ingredients that would occasionally balance the main course in a week. Adhering to the preferences of a few parents to avoid white sugar, we plan to use only brown sugar or serve a fruit salad/fruit juice as an alternative. We are happy to share with you that we use vegetables grown in our school garden and intend to use vegetables grown by our students in their organic farming classes at the Ela Green School campus.