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Ela Green School

School code: 060876
Main office: +91 8939958989
Website: https://elagreenschool.org/
Head of School: Mrs. Samhita Venkatesh
School counsellor: Dr. Shantha Shankar

School and curriculum

Ela Green School is a prestigious platinum-certified Green School nestled amidst the serene outskirts of Chennai. With its lush 11-acre campus, Ela Green School serves as a beacon of sustainability education, nurturing the minds of approximately 150 students, predominantly of Indian nationality. As an esteemed IB Continuum World School, Ela Green School offers holistic and globally recognised IB programs-PYP, MYP and DP to its diverse student body. Our dynamic and inquiry-based learning encourages students to explore, question and think critically. Through a variety of eco-friendly initiatives and practices, we empower our students to become environmentally conscious citizens who are equipped to address the pressing needs of our times.
In the Diploma Programme, we offer the following subjects: Language and Literature English (SL/HL), French Language B (ab initio and SL), Business Management(SL/HL), Global Politics (SL/HL), Digital Society (SL/HL), Physics (SL/HL), Chemistry (SL/HL), Biology (SL/HL), Environment Systems and Societies (SL), Mathematics AA (SL/HL) and Mathematics AI (SL/HL).

Academic Excellence

Our first batch of MYP5 students recently received their MYP certificates. Their E assessment results stand as a testament to their dedication, diligence and the high standard of education we uphold. With a school highest score of 46/56, we commend the exceptional performance of our students. Our commitment to academic excellence is further exemplified by our school’s average grade of 5.4 and an average score of 44/56 surpassed the world average in all the subjects.

Contact Information
University Counsellor
Dr. Shantha Shankar
+91 9962562685
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