Teaching at Ela Green

Ela Green School is founded on the IB teaching methodologies that believe every child is smart in their own way and that they all have different learning styles.

Our approach to teaching and assessments is focused primarily on building 21st century skills to make them global citizens. To launch children on their successful educational journey, here are a guidelines we adopt:

  • We identify each child’s unique interests and understand their natural learning styles; cause strengths are usually built upon each child’s natural learning styles.
  • We create a framework to present information in different ways since each child’s interests and preferences can influence how the child can take in information.
  • We design learning activities which cater to each child’s learning styles and enhance their learning by engaging a variety of their senses.
  • Based on each child’s multiple intelligences, strengths and weaknesses we try to bridge the gap in each child’s learning abilities.
  • We help each child explore a wider range of activities and also explore deeper into any particular area of his/her chosen area of interest so that the child can excel in that particular area.
  • We develop the personality of the learner and help them inculcate attitudes and skills through activities.
  • We nurture learning through co-operation and sharing.
  • We organise field-trips, guest speakers and theme-based teaching.