Primary Year Programme
(PYP – 1st Grade – 5th Grade)

The primary years at Ela Green School is an inquiry based educational programme for students aged 3 to 12. The program aims to enhance the holistic development of the student by providing exposure and the right platform for students to exhibit their interests.

Holistic Development

A well-balanced cognitive and emotional development is achieved through a frolicking environment designed specifically for our young learners. Our curriculum focuses on cross-disciplinary learning, which connects abstract concepts to the real world. Theoretical proficiency is followed with practical exercises to gain experiential learning, and often supplemented with reflection time for self-evaluation.

Transdisciplinary approach

The subject areas for the primary years are language, social science, mathematics, science and technology, arts, and personal, social and physical education. Our emphasis on global significance is scaffolded with a transdisciplinary approach towards education. Such an approach enables the child to make connections between subjects and help transfer their contextual knowledge in their day to day lives making learning fun, effective, and exciting!

Transdisciplinary Themes

The primary years program at Ela follows a range of 6 universal transdisciplinary themes over the academic year. Such themes, probe inquiries into a wide range of topics such as orientation in place and time, communities, scientific and technological advancements, environment, nature of self, expression of beliefs and ideas etc. to name a few. The program aims to develop the autonomy of a student and to give the student the confidence to shape and take responsibility of their own learning.


Assessments are unique, continuous, and tailored to every topic of inquiry. It is carried out by the facilitator to assess the conceptual understanding of the student for their Unit. Students are evaluated in multiple ways to record the progress and development of their conceptual understanding.

International Mindedness

A key driving force of our curriculum is its emphasis on international mindedness of a student wherein the student realises that they are global citizens capable of bringing a positive change in the world.

Learning at Ela is a continuous journey wherein the facilitator works with the students to identify their needs, facilitate inquiry and then document, monitor and provide assessment and feedback to plan the next stage of their learning. With value-based education at its core, we set the stage for our students to play a transformative and pivotal role to solve global issues.

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