Our Teachers

Training Modules

Our training modules for teachers are developed by some of world’s leading academicians in the field and are practiced by the most elite institutions around the world. Our teachers go through such regular professional development training that help them to be current, proficient and well informed. This periodical training ensures that our teachers are adept to deliver this sophisticated, effective and internationally acclaimed inquiry-based learning.

Teachers with passion and foresight

Our selection process to induct teachers at Ela Green School is very rigorous and each teacher is carefully selected to address the challenge of motivating students to go from initial-curiosity, to a path of regular inquiry. Our teachers are truly committed to the ensuring holistic development of students and to transforming them into responsible, actionable, and pivotal citizens of our society.

Personal Mission of our teachers

The personal mission of every teacher at Ela Green School is to nurture a mindset of ‘I Can’ in every student. Our teachers are trained to implement the ‘I Can’ mindset to education, thereby empower our children to confront the seemingly impossible. A mindset that will take root as they grow and give them the confidence to explore, innovate and seek creative solutions to solve challenges.