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Thank you for considering Ela Green School for your child’s future. We encourage all prospective parents to book a visit to come and see the school in person. You will be able to tour the school grounds, see our classes in action and ask the admission coordinator any questions you may have about the school or the admissions process. Come and find out how our broad curriculum helps students build a deeper understanding of the world around them!

To book an admission tour or understand the science behind our green building, give us a call, and our admissions coordinator will be in touch. If you prefer or are out of the country, we can also arrange a virtual tour.

Contact – 8939958989
Mail Id info@elagreenschool.org & admissions@elagreenschool.org
Visits are held – Monday – Friday, between 09:00 am and 4:00 pm 

How to apply

  1. Contact the admin office and book an appointment with the admission coordinator
  2. Participate in a discussion with the Admissions Coordinator and the PYP/MYP Coordinator
  3. Go for a School tour and see the facilities
  4. To proceed further, remit the appropriate fee and submit the completed Pre-Registration form on campus
  5. You will be notified shortly of a convenient date for an entrance test (Not applicable for EYP and PYP 1)
  6. Post successful completion of the entrance test, an interview will be conducted with parents
  7. Selected candidates will be notified shortly within a few days of the interview
  8. Complete the registration by providing all the necessary documentation and remitting the appropriate fees to guarantee and confirm admission