Our Mission

We see a whole wide world of opportunities and possibilities ahead of us. As we grow and evolve so will our horizons expand. Here are a few pointers that take on this journey of growth and success

  • Become a world-leading IB school
  • Hire highly qualified and progressive teachers
  • Support academic success and excellence to all students
  • Seek diverse international alliances and opportunities
  • Foster a harmonious community of international and regional students
  • Increase post school opportunities for students
  • Focus on wellness in terms of social, emotional and physical health.
  • Encourage co-curricular programmes that develop skill and creativity
  • Build character and student leadership
  • Continuously invest in technology, arts, sciences and sports
  • Enhance diverse outdoor learning spaces through partnerships
  • Continually pursue innovative technology integration in education.
  • Nurture an “eco-conscious” mind-set to solve global issues, including climate change.