Middle Year Programme
(5th Grade – & Above)

Ela Green School, with a view to develop highly motivated and skilled leaders of tomorrow offers a rigorous curriculum, that consists of conceptual understanding with an inquiry based and research driven learning process working towards a holistic outcome, is designed for the students. The programme also ensures that the students develop 21st Century skills like empathy, respect for one another, open mindedness etc. through the various areas of interactions as a part of their curriculum.

In- house and standalone projects are a crucial component of the programme. Students will be expected to take part in all school activities and facilitate their own learning while on the road to discovering themselves.


Students at ELA, in the middle school are offered a platform to conduct research by themselves thus enabling them to explore concepts and content on their own. Research skill is an imperative skill of the modern day world. Conducting research also allows the students to learn beyond the walls of the classrooms.

Acquisition and Proficiency

The students at ELA are offered a choice of local and global languages to learn. Acquiring new language skills and working towards proficiency is ELA way of learning. Learning a new language helps in developing a global leader.

Using concepts and Global focus points

The middle school section at ELA ensures that the curriculum is conceptually driven around a global topic. Students are exposed to real life situations and are made to think locally in order to act globally. These concepts that are i mplicitly taught at ELA create the foundation for a 21st century leader

Academics dovetailed with Community service

The amalgamation of academics and community service at ELA through the curriculum allows each student to connect their classroom understanding with the realities of the world. From organic farming to sustainable development and from upliftment of the underprivileged to care and concern for all living beings students at ELA are given opportunities to take their academic learning and utilise it for the benefit of the community, thereby fostering humility and leadership simultaneously


The Middle School section at ELA offers a rigorous pattern of assessments giving its students a chance to explore their understanding by facing different types of challenges and constantly raising their own level of expectations. The assessments in the Middle School section ultimately prepares students for all national and global competitive exams, by using the conceptual understanding and implementing technique. The transition from grade 10 to 11 will be very smooth because the curriculum, teaching and learning are all placed in a continuum.