Message from Founder

My vision of Ela Green School was born from my quest for 21st century global education for my two children. An accomplished professional in the field of Green-Architecture and having traveled across the world, I have always yearned for something more for my own children. IB education, a holistic global concept in school education led me to the conception and founding of Ela Green School. I believe ‘I Can’ pursue my mission to instill in every child a lifelong love for learning. I believe i can plant the thought in their minds that through learning, they can make their dreams come true. I want them to believe in themselves and develop a ‘I Can’ mindset. I want them to know that they can achieve their true potential if they can believe that they can. I want them to become independent learners and responsible self-disciplined ‘I Can-individuals’. This is my personal mission and I call on every one to join us in our endeavour to nurture ‘I Can’ citizens of the future.


Founder, Director.