IB – Unique Benefits

The International Baccalaureate (IB) founded in 1968, is an international educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, IB has become the first choice of many schools because of its global focus, emphasis on student-centered learning and recognition by the best-known universities.

If you think your child needs 21st century education, then IB is the answer and Ela Green School is the destination to nurture your child for a bright future.

  • It is unique in comparison to other education boards because of its academic and personal growth format.
  • Recognized around the world, IB education is the ultimate passport in an increasingly global context.
  • IB education challenges children to excel in their studies and in their personal growth.
  • Children are trained to face challenges with confidence, an open mind, make ethical decisions and apply what they learn, in complex and unpredictable situations.
  • With technological, economic and social advances transforming the world, IB provides a seamless progression of skills and learning.
  • IB supports students through every stage of their development and it prepares them to excel in any university program.
  • IB is also a vast educational resource that provides our faculty with access to leading teaching and learning practices through an extended professional development network.