Kindergarten is a wonderful stage of exploring and learning

At Ela Green School, we have created our own Early Years Programme module. We have adopted play-based learning to encourage and kindle curiosity in children. Our aim is to achieve a well-balanced cognitive and emotional development, through a ‘play & learn’ environment. Designed specifically for the early learners, our curriculum is carefully designed to focus on four key learning areas:


Our teachers focus on alphabets and recognition, phonological awareness and phonetics, print awareness, vocabulary and oral comprehension. Word building activities, storytelling, and puppet shows are some strategies we use to improve their linguistic ability.


Our tiny tots are exposed to a variety of mathematical concepts. Curiosity in mathematics is fostered by engaging students in activities which will help them learn about numbers, compare quantities, search for patterns, sort and order objects.

Understanding the World

Social skills are a necessity and our curriculum promotes learning in a team where students are able to explore together and learn from each other. They are introduced to simple rules, do’s and don’ts and how to abide by them.

Expressive Arts and Design

Through our art programs, children have the opportunity to tap into their creative side. Kindergarteners are exposed to a variety of activities, such as, painting, colouring, singing, dancing, craft making etc., which encourages play, imagination, confidence and self-expression.