Gourmet Fest

Our world Food Day Celebrations
was a “Gastronomical Hit”!.

We celebrated World Food Day with “Gourmet Fest” that was held on 19th of October 2019. This fest was about learning cultures through global cuisine! Parents, teachers and students prepared recipes from the different countries and dressed up to represent the respective country. The proceeds from this event will be used by students to buy tree saplings to spread greenery in and around the campus. This event also helped students experience raising funds for other community service.

Click Beetle

Have you heard of Click Beetles?

May be you have seen it, but you don’t know that its called click beetle. So did our students from Class III. They found a new type of beetle that kept clicking and springing into the air on the corridor during an outdoor class. They were so curious to know how and why the beetle springs itself into the air with a click.

Their teacher encouraged the students to explore and find out more about this beetle. Students went online and searched about this beetle. They found that this insect is called ‘Click Beetle’ and it springs itself into the air when touched. They dived into the inquiry further and found other relevant information about this beetle.

At Ela, as a part of I B method of teaching, curiosity is the key to inquiry and students learn best when they take ownership to their learning. Curiosity enables them to learn and experience knowledge in a unique way.

Costal cleanup

Coastal Cleanup

15th September 2018
Students, teachers and parents of Ela Green School proudly participated in the International Coastal Clean Up 2018 on 15th September, organized by ‘Save A Turtle’ Organization. This was a small step towards fulfilling our promise of creating a more sustainable and greener planet! This drive gave our students the opportunity to understand their responsibility towards the society and transform them into actionable and pivotal citizens of our society.

Sight day

Our Children. Real Eye Openers!

On the occasion of World Sight Day-10th Oct, our children of primary class gathered to sensitize themselves and to feel, in a small way, what’s it’s like being “blind”.

Our children closed their eyes and tried to move around and do things. They also discussed influence of religion, socioeconomic status, steps to sign up for eye donation and volunteering to donate their eyes. Some of the reflections by the children were:
“I hit my head on the wall, it was literally like virtual reality!”
“It is so difficult to not be able to see”
“I promise to help the blind”
“I shall help the blind from now onwards”

On the whole, it was a real “eye opener” of a learning experience!

Inquiry Based Learning

Ela Green School focuses on IB education
system of inquiry- based learning.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand…that’s
the beauty of “Inquiry Based Learning”. Our students explored this to
learn measurement. In a practical fun-way, kinds used their bodies to
learn measurent in our tennis court!

Would you like to know more about how IB system at Ela Green School
is most suited to the 21st century learning for your child?

Science Lab

Learning At Ela Is Hands-on.
Practical & Child-centric.

None of us can foresee the potential of a child. Reason why, at Ela Green School we encourage every child to explore and learn. At our Science Club, children are taught the fundamentals of electronics. They are introduced to the basics of motors and how they can make things go mobile using a motor. And little wonder, our kids are always curious to know how they can make an Aeroplane using a motor and batteries. Today, they have built a small Aeroplane and they are experimenting how they can make it fly.

If you would like to encourage your child to explore and think creatively; you can enroll your child to the science club.

This Science Club is open to all children from all schools.