Gourmet Fest

Our world Food Day Celebrations
was a “Gastronomical Hit”!.

We celebrated World Food Day with “Gourmet Fest” that was held on 19th of October 2019. This fest was about learning cultures through global cuisine! Parents, teachers and students prepared recipes from the different countries and dressed up to represent the respective country. The proceeds from this event will be used by students to buy tree saplings to spread greenery in and around the campus. This event also helped students experience raising funds for other community service.


Salute to our Jawans on Rakshabandhan

20th August 2018

We are deeply grateful to the selfless service our soldiers have offered us from time to time. Students and teachers of Ela Green School made these cards to be sent to the men at the borders for Rakshabandhan to remind them that they are valued, remembered and loved beyond words for protecting all of us.

Independence Day

Independence Day.

“Freedom in mind, Faith in words, Pride in our hearts, Memories in our souls”

The entire team of Ela Green School reflected on these thoughts as we celebrated the 72nd Independence Day.
The program commenced with the flag being hoisted by our Chief Guest, Dr. K Madanagobalane, Trustee, Ela Educational Trust.

We celebrated the day with utmost serenity and commitment with all our students, parents, teachers and other faculty members


Spooky Halloweeen Celebrations

Ela Green School celebrated Halloween on 29th October 2018. It is believed that the veil between the world of the living and the dead is at its most transparent during Halloween night, and therefore, the spirits of the dead, fairies, witches, and goblins roam about.

At Ela, our students celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm! Our students and teachers wore various costumes depicting this day. Our classrooms were decorated to fit the theme, with one of them transformed to a Halloween Room!

There were Halloween themed desserts, take-away goodie bags, photobooths, Jack-o-Lantern carving and much more!


A Journey to Various Civilizations

Students of grade 5 exhibited their work on “A Journey Through Various Civilizations” on 16th November 2018 at Ela Green School. Students have been exploring this topic for the past couple of weeks making use of various resources – books, documentaries, websites, movies etc. and they showed great determination and commitment by delving into their favourite civilizations!

They showcased numerous innovative ideas to represent their understanding on various civilizations, such as, cave painting, replica of The Pyramid of Giza, mummies, cuneiform system of writing invented by the Sumerians etc.

The students vivaciously explained all the exhibits to the rest of the school and had a lot of reflections to take back home post the open-ended discussions.

Such meaningful learning happens when students are allowed to explore and are given the responsibility of their own learning!

Christmas Carnival

Sneak-peak to our Christmas Carnival

It was such a wonderful day with an enthusiastic crowd flooding in to get the best out of our games, activities, food, and handicraft stores! People loved the creative work of our team and we received tremendous positive feedback for the same! We had an energetic carolling group who brought in the festive mood to this joyous occasion!

The event was a huge success and we would like to thank each and everyone who contributed to our big day and made it memorable!

Children’s Day

Childrens’ Day at our School

We celebrated Childrens’ Day at our School on November 14th, 2018. This day is celebrated as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to acknowledge his love for children.

We at Ela, organized various programs for the kids to make this day memorable!

Dance performances by teachers, kids’ favourite cartoon mascots, games for children and much more!

Students were given thoughtful eco-friendly hampers with healthy snacks as takeaways for them to remember this day!

Aqua Day

Nature for Water – Aqua Day

Ela Green School focussed all our attention to one of the most essential elements of Earth – Water. Different age group of students dwelled into various aspects of the water challenges we face in the 21st century. As a team, we came up with simple yet effective solutions to create awareness on water conservation.

With the theme for World Water Day 2018 as “Nature for Water”, our students explored nature-based solutions to protect the natural environment and reduce pollution.

Click Beetle

Have you heard of Click Beetles?

May be you have seen it, but you don’t know that its called click beetle. So did our students from Class III. They found a new type of beetle that kept clicking and springing into the air on the corridor during an outdoor class. They were so curious to know how and why the beetle springs itself into the air with a click.

Their teacher encouraged the students to explore and find out more about this beetle. Students went online and searched about this beetle. They found that this insect is called ‘Click Beetle’ and it springs itself into the air when touched. They dived into the inquiry further and found other relevant information about this beetle.

At Ela, as a part of I B method of teaching, curiosity is the key to inquiry and students learn best when they take ownership to their learning. Curiosity enables them to learn and experience knowledge in a unique way.

Costal cleanup

Coastal Cleanup

15th September 2018
Students, teachers and parents of Ela Green School proudly participated in the International Coastal Clean Up 2018 on 15th September, organized by ‘Save A Turtle’ Organization. This was a small step towards fulfilling our promise of creating a more sustainable and greener planet! This drive gave our students the opportunity to understand their responsibility towards the society and transform them into actionable and pivotal citizens of our society.